Spotlight on Safety: Bern and MIPS

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Here at Bern, we are committed to keeping you safe no matter where your adventures take you.  All of our helmets are designed to reduce as much impact as possible to meet and exceed stringent safety standards. However, these standards do not address rotational impacts caused by the most common types of crashes. The most common type of crash is likely to involve hitting your head at an angle, which may cause dangerous rotational forces that can cause strain in the brain.  We believe that by equipping our helmets with MIPS Brain Protection System (BPS), we can offer even further protection that is designed to address and reduce rotational motion transferred to a rider’s brain.

The MIPS (BPS) may reduce the risk of mild and severe brain injuries by reducing the rotational motion that can lead to strain on your brain following an angled impact. The BPS allows your head to move inside of your helmet, which is key to reducing the transfer of harmful rotational forces to the brain.

The MIPS BPS allows a sliding motion of 10-15 mm in all directions. Photo Credit: MIPS

MIPS BPS has been proven to, at certain impacts, reduce the strain that can lead to tearing in brain tissue during an angled crash. Through rigorous, reality based testing on angled surfaces, MIPS has shown that helmets that are equipped with the MIPS BPS may protect the brain from harmful strain much more effectively than a helmet without a proven brain protection system.

Photo Credit: MIPS

We are proud to offer a wide variety of MIPS equipped helmets, including the Heist, Team Macon, FL-1 Pave, and Union. Whether you’re commuting to work on an e-scooter, hitting the trails on a snowboard, or exploring the great outdoors on a bike, you can enjoy your adventures with confidence knowing that Bern and MIPS have got your head covered. Plus, our two newest summer helmets, the Macon 2.0 and the Hudson, come exclusively with MIPS to keep you protected all summer long. Click here to learn more about MIPS or pick up a stylish and safe Bern helmet today.

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