The Mountains our Team is Skiing or Riding in Winter 2020

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Here at Bern we’re winter sports enthusiasts, as you can probably tell by our extensive collection of new winter helmets. We’re always excited to try new things and explore the next great mountain.

To get a bit of inspiration, we polled our internal team and partners and asked them their favorite mountains to ski or ride. The resulting answers were a combination of high-profile mountains just about everyone knows, as well as a few lesser-known mountains that might help you to find new trails so you and your friends, family, or whoever can enjoy a new experience this winter.

Without further ado, below we’ve narrowed down some of the most commonly mentioned North American mountains our team is excited about skiing or riding this season.

Trails We Love:

Eastern North America

Midwest North America

Western North America

See you on the slopes in 2020!

What do you think of our list? Just like you, we’re always looking for new mountains and trails. Want to tell us what mountain YOU’RE most excited to ski or ride this winter? Hit us up on Instagram or Twitter and let us know!

Don’t forget: before you hit the slopes, be sure to consider ski and snowboard safety. Check out our new lineup of winter helmets that will keep you safe and looking great all winter.

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