E-Scooters are the Future: Wear a Helmet and You’ll Get to See It.

Many of our streets in America are small and winding. And cars go pretty fast down them. City streets are even worse because they were engineered with an auto-centric approach, meaning they were built for cars and trucks, not bikes and e-scooters. This poses a problem because e-scooters are getting very popular in cities. Take
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Bern and Lime in Tandem

Helmet, Industry News

With more people living in cities than ever before and the popularity of micro-mobility movements, like biking, e-scooters, and e-bikes; riding safely has never been more important. That’s why we’re excited to announce a partnership between Bern and Lime. Lime is on the cutting edge of clean, accessible, urban transportation, equipping modern cities with easy,

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The Time-Saving D.I.Y. Tune-Up


Getting a proper tune-up can leave you bikeless for days and cost you some serious coin. So this summer save yourself some time and money and do it yourself. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a pro, own a garage full of equipment, or have extra vacation days–just a bike, some eyeballs and a

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Summer Safety Starts With a Helmet

Biking, Helmet, Safety

So you got a sweet, new, stylish helmet to cruise the streets this summer–that’s awesome! But sporting a helmet is only the start of your safety checklist. Here’s a quick list of essential tips to keep your rides safe all summer long. Eyeballs On The Road Smart riders pocket their smartphone and keep their eyes

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A Love Letter From Your Brain


To my favorite person, There’s no denying it, we make a great team. It’s like we have a special connection that keeps us in sync. Like the way you pedal a bike through the city, or cruise on an e-scooter while I manage the motor functions. Oh, and that time when I thought up that

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Kids 1 – Adults 0

Biking, Community, Helmet, Safety

Most People Know Children Are Required to Wear Bicycle Helmets, but Many Adults Never Think to Put One On and This Is the Result… Where Is Your Helmet? Yes, you. When did adults stop wearing helmets? Only 38% of adult bike riders regularly wear their helmets.1 We have enforced the helmet policy upon our kids,

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Geoff Holman | Red Bull Illume Contest

Community, Skiing, Winter

The Red Bull Illume is one of the world’s greatest adventure and action sports photo contests. It highlights the best photos on the planet, showcasing the drive and love the photographers have to chase the best moments captured on camera. Please support and vote for photographer Geoff Holman! He captures Adam Benson crushing some deep

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